Knitted Wonderland

the fairisle, Topshop                                                                                     the grey chunky cable, All Saints

the grey easy-to-wear one, MTWFSS Weekday                                                    the white, light basic, H&M

the must-have cream basic crop, Topshop                                                            the bright&bold red one, Topshop

the chunky shades of blue, Topshop                                           the metalic silver sheer drape, Miss Selfridge

the cute and christmassy one, H&M

Its the beginning of November and winter has properly kicked in over in the UK, although it does seem a bit warmer than it was last year, its still pretty cold. These low temperatures are definitely an excuse to do some winter shopping and knitted jumpers are one of the first things on my list. I just love everything that is knitted lately, especially jumpers because they are so warm and comfortable while looking effortlessly stylish at the same time. As much as I would love to be able to afford the designer knitwear such as the Zadig and Voltaire and Alexander Wang collections, unfortunately its not possible at the moment. Therefore, I think Im going to stick with equally stylish collections but with a smaller price tag. These are some of my best picks from some of the high- street shops. Hope you like them!


Step into the future

Covent Garden is one of my favourite areas in London to shop, eat and just wander around. Every time I go it never fails to show me something new and interesting. On my visit yesterday, after having lunch and treating myself at the charming Patisserie Valerie, I was just casually strolling around the shops, when I came across the United Nude shoe shop. Hidden in a small corner street was one of the coolest shops I have ever been into. The store is completely dark in all areas other than where the shoes are showcased and highlighted. In this Wall of Light, each shoe is positioned in its own little geometrical box, and is presented as a work of Art. This Wall of Light is a computer-controlled LED wall, that can also change to different rainbow colours making the presentation even more groovy and cool! I could not think of a more suitable way of showcasing these amazing shoes, which literally are works of art. Extremely innovative, futuristic and abstract, they kind of make me think of Star Wars and what really fashionable people would wear in space in the future. This shop is definitely one you should visit if you have not come across it already! Even if you can’t afford the shoes -because, let’s face it, they are pricey- it’s still a shop worth seeing!

Address: 13 Floral Street Covent Garden London

My World

My name is Maria and this my blog. Half greek - half english, on my final year studying English and Drama outside London. Love fashion, art and music. Since I moved to the UK 3 years ago I have just been fascinated with London and how much it has to offer in the arts, culture and entertainment. Whenever my course allows me to take time off, I go into London and just get inspired, there is so much to do in this fast paced city. Hopefully some of my inspiration will be shared with you guys on this blog!