(sweater Carven Gargoyle,silk bra Debenhams,fedora hat Christies',gloves Rag&Bone,boots Versace for H&M,bag Mulberry)

If I were to make a Christmas wish list, it would probably look something like this. I love that sweater and I've been dreaming to get my hands on the Mulberry Alexa since it was first in stores! Oh, why does everything have to be so expensive?! Hope you like these items!



                 If you could fall in love with a pair of shoes, I think for me it would be this one. Everything about them is perfect:      
                              suede, burgundy, classic cut. Just think of all the outfits you could pair these beauties up with!
                                  Unfortunately, they will not be found in my shoe collection any time soon as they are by
                                                          D&G and way over my price range. You can buy them here


Festive spirit


These pictures are all from the Christmas market on South Bank: the second, third and forth are three of the little stands there, I just loved those handmade leather coated notebooks, so vintage! And, well, how can you not be in love with carousels, everything about them is so magical..The festive spirit is finally here! Hope you like them!