New in: Check out these Balenciaga havana bad boys. Soon to be mine and bought at less than half their original price. Boy do I love it when I find a bargain. Love at first sight, 'they will be perfect', I thought. Oversized sunglasses dont work for me because of my rather small and oval shaped face. These are smaller and even though I do believe that oversized is elegant, I believe these will cause the same effect.

It has been a dull summer in London, but when my masters is done I will finally get to have some summer me-time. See me on the beach with these sunglasses and wearing this. Retro beach babe?


Givenchy prefall12

Perfect symmetry is what came to mind when I first laid eyes on this collection. The jackets are what did it for me; elegant and perfectly tailored to fit a modern and chic woman. I don't know if it is just these shots, but I can sense that the clothes definitely give a powerful edginess to the women wearing them.  The statement boots complete these outfits and take them to a level of perfection. I'm in love with the jackets with the red detail, the bold colour makes the whole outfit 'pop'! 


Eudes De Santana

Eudes De Santana is a fashion and advertising photographer, born and raised in Brazil, now living and working in Barcelona, Spain. Most of his work is for professional campaigns, editorials and spreads. I love his pictures because they look so 'fresh' and are different from most fashion editorials out there which in my opinion can sometimes look over-edited, almost losing the essence of 'truth' in the background and model. He gives just the right amount of brightness and lightness to his pictures, making the result look effortless, like he just found a moment and snapped, without much thinking given to it. These are some of my favourite pictures of his, make sure to visit his website for a lot more!